AquaVideo's main business is the manufacture of underwater cases for video cameras and underwater lights with over 25 years of experience. Throughout that period we have also been one of the leading renters of underwater video equipment - with clients ranging from sport divers needing a consumer system for a Saturday dive to broadcast systems for National Geographic Explorer, NASA, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, feature films, etc.

Currently, our most common rental units are housings for the Red Epic Digital Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic 4K and 2.5K cinema cameras.


The RED Epic Dragon that we use is generally considered the highest level motion picture camera currently available with approximately 9 times the amount of pixels as 1080P high definitio, and provides up to 300 frames per second of high speed motion capture. The user can choose whatever resolution is appropriate for their project from standard 1080P high definition to 6K IMAX equivalent resolution, and can utilize either cinema lenses or Canon SLR lenses. The AquaVideo™ housing provides dome port optics, the major functions (and programmable buttons) in a robust, but easy to use underwater housing (for anyone familiar with setup and operation of the RED Epic cameras).

For further information on the RED Epic camera go to

Underwater Case for Red Epic (all versions of Epic): $475/day - $1800/week

  •••••  (Red Epic Dragon also available - call for rate & availability.)


The Blackmagic 4K Cinema camera provides exceptional picture quality in a relatively low cost, compact and easy to use system. It utillizes standard Canon SLR lenses and the camera and underwater housing are as easy to install and use as the simplest consumer cameras. It shoots in either 4K/UltraHD or standard 1080P and in either Apple ProRes or Adobe Raw. For further information on the Blackmagic camera go to:

Underwater Case for Blackmagic Cinema : $175/day - $600/week

  ••••• Including Blackmagic Production 4K:   $275/day - $1000/week

For more information contact:

Michael Hastings

Rental systems require proof of insurance or a deposit to cover the cost of equipment, and require a signed liability waiver.



We also recognize that shipping costs can be prohibitive if everyone is required use FEDEX or UPS express services therefore, whenever scheduling permits we allow rental customers to ship the return via slower, less expensive services.